Here are the publications by the research network co-convenors that have been developed as part of this project. These works theorise, discuss and probe the notion of legal materiality.  Please contact us for a copy if you don’t have access.

– Kang & Kendall (2019) ‘Legal Materiality’, in M. Del Mar, B. Meyler & S. Stern (eds) Oxford Handbook for Law and the Humanities, Oxford University Press. (in press).
final draft

– Kang & Kendall (eds) (2019/20) Introduction. Special Issue on ‘Legal Materiality’ Law Text Culture, Vol. 23 (forthcoming)

– Kang (2019) ‘ What if all we can see are the parts, and there is not a whole: elements and manifestations of the making of law of ‘climate justice”. Law Text Culture Vol. 23. (forthcoming)

– Kendall & Clarke (2019) ”The beauty…is that it speaks for itself’: Geospatial materials as a matter of evidence’ Law Text Culture Vol. 23. (forthcoming)

By H. Y. Kang:

– Kang (2018) ‘Law’s Materiality: Between Concrete Matters and Abstract Forms, or How Matter Becomes Material’, in A. Philipoopoulos-Mihalopoulos, Routledge Handbook for Law and Theory, Routledge.